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[134] - 2001/09/09 (17:19)

「Light Gallery, Interaction Gallery /The Ogen Center」
Faith & Form/IFRAA
International Awards for Religious Art & Architecture 2009
Liturgical/Interior Design Awards

2009年度フェイス&フォーム(信仰とかたち)宗教芸術・建築 国際デザインコンペにおいて

Produced by Hiroko Sakomura 迫村裕子 /S2
Designed by Shoji Oshio 押尾章治 /UA
Lighting designed by Shozo Toyohisa 豊久将三 / KILT PLANNING OFFICE

Locatin: Ogen-in temple,Tachikawa,Tokyo,Japan
Floor space:Total 982.88m2 (491.44m2 each)
Main use: Buddist service, exhibition,

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Interior view of Light Gallery. Buddha is standing in the lighting.

Interior view of Interaction Gallery.

The two galleries have opened in a Buddhist temple located in Tachikawa, Tokyo. The new challenge for the galleries is to add the function of display to a space for pray in usual, which is the fusion between the worship and the appreciation.

Light Gallery: This is the gallery featured by the repeat of the large rectangular frames. It is the space for panel displays, tangible work of art, such as Buddhist images to touch, and installations of contemporary art. Lighting equipments are contained at one side of the rectangular frames to make one way direction, so that the praying direction emerges. Buddha stands in front of the wall which placed at the end of the space. The wall shows the hi-lighted spherical shape to erase perspective perception, which rouses the image of infinite expansion. Then, the floor where a person is standing on is going to be connected to the floor where the space is infinitely expanding.

Repeat of the rectangular frames, light to one direction, expresses the trip to another world.

Equipments on the ceiling are hidden by the rectangular frames.

The rectangular frames are made by FRP with the reinforcement by steel structure.

LEDs of sphere shaped wall enable to create several colors of light to associate with Buddhism.

w真如苑図面01-1 w真如苑図面01-2

Interaction Gallery: This gallery is not only for appreciators of the lotus position, the position of cross-legged sitting, but also the first gallery in the world with movable showcase composed only by hunger glasses. Buddhist images float in the interior with restrained light by using delicate glass fiber and LED. This movable glass-hanger system makes the gallery possible to have several formations of display, which enables the three-dimensional expressions of the meaningful spatial idea, represented by Mandala.

Buddhist images floating in a dark. The movable showcases are able to meet with several formation

The showcases forming in a line.

Praying in front of a Buddhist image lighted up in a dark.

The showcases, hung only by glasses, are opened by top and bottom hinges.

The movable hunger-glass-showcase overlapping to the showcase on the wall.


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