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[181] - 2017/04/21 (20:15)

“8の字のパサージュ” (上野成就院称観堂)

"8 Shaped Passage in Ueno"
the representation of the Japanese style worship"

With its cylindrical geometry, the hall is located in the precinct of a temple in Ueno, Tokyo. Our challenge in this project is to represent the Japanese style worship while keeping its importance. In Japan, it is believed that the soul of a deceased person dwells in its bone. This is the reason why bones are put together with a statue of Buddha in an ossuary in general. Instead of its custom, we planned two halls separately, one is for bones and another is for a statue of Buddha. Around the two halls, there is a passage shaped the figure of eight as well as the figure of infinity. Our expectation with its shape is the fusion of Buddha and deceased person, which is reached by tracing the passage again and again.
Another intention for the project is the requiem of the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. The statue of Buddha in a hall is made from the victimized pine-tree by the huge tsunami of Tohoku-district. The 8-shaped passage is divided in 33 pieces in its stone pavement. The sand buried under the pavement is from 33 damaged temples by the tsunami. Walking on this stone pavement is assumed as the pilgrimage of the 33 temples.
Despite its location in Tokyo, there are many people visit from Tohoku disaster area to the ossuary.
( Shoji Oshio )


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