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Oshio,Shoji profile

“Writing letters=Praying”won an iF DESIGN AWARD 2018!

"&(ando)" won The GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2017 "Gold Prize"

"8 Shaped Passage in Ueno”
: the representation of the Japanese style worship"
Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards Program for Religious Art & Architecture 2016 Sacred Landscape Awards

■Shoji Oshio profile

押尾章治ポートレイト ShojiOshioportrait.jpg

Worked with Kengo Kuma from the foundation of his office for 13 years, and had charge of the most of his early works. The design concentrations after opening the own office are residential, commercial and event designs. The recent work, “house ao,” won “the 35th Architecture Award in Tokyo” and “Modern Living Award 2007,” and a work of religious architecture, “Light Gallery / Interaction Gallery(2009),”and "8 Shaped Passage in Ueno(2016)” won the “IFRAA International Awards” from Faith & Form Association in USA. The most recent works of event design are “SORAHAKU” in Tokyo Forum, and “The Vision and Art of Shinjo Ito” in USA.

Shoji Oshio, Architect
(押尾 章治) 

1964 born in Chiba, Japan
1988 graduated from Meiji Gakuin University, School of law
1988 joined Kengo Kuma & Associates
1999 director of design in Kengo Kuma & Associates
2001 established UA Architects, Design Principal
2003 Tokyo University of Science, lecturer of architecture
2009 established UA PLANNING Inc,
2011 Kogakuin Univercity, lecturer of architecture
2013 Tokyo City University, lecturer of Urban Life Studies

Architectural Institute of Japan, Society of Architects& Building Engineers
Tokyo Association of Architectural Firms

First class architectural office, UA Architects Co.,Ltd

UA Nogawa/
2266-27 Nogawa Miyamae-ku,Kanagawa 216-0001
TEL 044/752/7721 FAX 044/752/7721 oshio@ua-office.co.jp


Tegami Lounge
8 Shaped Passage in Ueno
”&”(new type Grave Stone)
Shirasagi Museum(Tochigi)SK1103 .→movie
TS Building(kawasaki)
House ao (Saitama) DJ0612, JT0612, ML170
House in Nogawa (Kanagawa)JT0910
Fu-house (Tokyo) PN0611, JT0612, ML169
House O (Koganei) JT0604, TL0611, ML172
House in fujimigaoka (Tochigi) JT0309, KB0310
Light gallery, Interaction gallery / The Ogen Center(Tokyo) JT0605, NA060522
Sorahaku 2009, international year of Astronomy(TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM)
The Vision And Art of Shinjo Ito/Shinjo Ito Centennial Exhibition(NewYork, Chicago, LosAngels)

2018 iF DESIGN AWARD(DEU) “Writing letters = Praying”
2017 Good Design Award(JPN) "Tegami-dokoro and Tegami-shirube”
2017 Good Design Award(JPN) 「Gold Prize」 “&(ando)”: New Type Tombstone
2017 Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards for Religious Art & Architecture Award "Tegami-dokoro”
2016 Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards for Religious Art & Architecture 
Sacred Landscape Awards  "8 Shaped Passage in Ueno”

2016 GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2016(Leading-edge design for professionals)
[Hydrogen Energy Reserch and Development Center]

2009 Faith & Form/IFRAA International Awards for Religious Art & Architecture
Liturgical/Interior Design Awards 「LIGHT GALLERY and INTERACTION GALLERY」

2009 35th ToKyo Architectual Award, Tokyo Association of Architectual Firms
2009 21th House Design Awarda, Society of Architects &Building Engineers of Tokyo
2007 MODERN LIVING AWARD, GRAND PRIZE the best house of modern living 2007
2004-7 Marronnier architectural Design Award(4times), Tochigi
1998 North America Illumination Association ILLUMINATION DESIGN AWARD
1996 Award for selected works Japan Architectural Association
1993 15th Nisshin Kougyou Competition “Pleasure of Living in the City” Second price

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